International Hatzalah Conference FAQ’s (as of April 7, 2019)


Q. Who are the organizers of this conference? 

A. This is an International Conference of Hatzalah responders from around the world organized by Chevra Hatzalah’s Central Office, headquartered in New York, in conjunction with Magen David Adom.


Q. Who's running point on this from MDA perspective?

A. Magen David Adom is hosting the conference. The primary organizers are Avi Chovav and Uriel Goldberg. They are not to be contacted as all correspondence is being done thru the Hatzalah Central office.


Q. Who is running it on Hatzalah side?

A. Central Hatzalah with its HQ in NY is running this conference. The primary Central organizers are Board members Zelig Gitelis and Jefferey Moerdler. They are not to be contacted by attendees and perspective attendees.


Q. How do we contact the organizers if we want to discuss specific questions with them?

A. The preferred method of communication with Central and the organizers is thru email. Please email info@hatzalahconference.org and your questions will be answered. Occasionally an email may be missed so please resend if no answer has been received within 3 days. Thank you for understanding. If there is urgency, please communicate with your coordinator who will get in touch with the Central conference organizers.


Q.  What is the cost, there seems to be multiple prices?

A. The price is $1,800. MDA and Chevra Hatzalah together are subsidizing $1000 for active Hatzalah members that have applied and been accepted and are in good standing in their respective neighborhoods. There is a slight possibility that some spots may open at the last minute for members at $1800 but it is highly unlikely given the huge number of conference requests.


Q. If I only come for M-W or only for the Weekend is that a possibility and is there a discounted price?

A. There is one program and one price for all attendees. We do fully expect all members to come and stay for the entire program. If there is an exceptional situation please email info@hatzalahconference.org and we will try and work with you.


Q. Is there a limit to the number of members who can attend in total or per Hatzalah Branch? 

A. Due to logistics of the intense interactive training, the conference is being limited to approximately 200 members. Central has decided the fairest way to select and limit the membership is to accept 10% of a branches membership count (Example: If Flatbush has 220 members they would be allowed to send up to 22 members in good standing.) 


Q. Have members signed up from neighborhoods outside of NYC?

A. We have been surprised at the amount of members who have signed up from almost all the Hatzalah branches around the world. Central feels bad and regrets that we will not be able to accommodate all the members who have applied and would like to come. Currently there have been hundreds of applicants from outside Israel that have applied and we will be limiting the acceptance to approximately 150 members. The remaining 50 spots will be offered to Israeli members from MDA and Hatzolah branches (Hatzalah Without Borders SSF, United Hatzolah, Tzevet Hatzolah, Hachovesh, RBS etc.). At this time there are signed and approved members from many countries and cities from Miami to Los Angeles, London to Australia and most other branches.


Q.  Will CME credits be offered for some of the lectures?

A. Central Hatzolah has arranged with Madison Programs (Robby Lederman) and Jeff Patow (Emergency Care Programs) to offer discretionary CME credits for members who sign up for this program. The documentation and attendance management is being spearheaded by Paramedic Howie Sickles F117. Please do not communicate with him about this now as information will be provided to attendees as we get closer to the event.


Q.  Is there a hotel associated with the conference, special rates or places to stay?

A. All food and lodging from Monday morning at 7am thru Motzei Shabbos Havdalah will be provided for all confirmed and paid members in good standing. 


Q. Any travel agents that could arrange a group rate?

A. Central Hatzalah is not arranging flights and transportation to/from the event. Members are attending from cities and countries around the world at many different times. We do recognize the great effort of time and expense this conference takes and a prerequisite for attendance is being able to get to Israel on time for the Monday morning opening session. As a courtesy but not a suggestion or having any connection with Central Hatzalah or the conference specifically, below please find some numbers of travel agents who have offered to assist with travel.

Additionally, the hotel for Thursday night and Shabbos has been booked through:


For tickets, you may wish to call your travel agent, any Hatzalah member who is a travel agent or the contact below. Again, you are fully responsible for all arrangements and costs.

K53 Mordy Siegel +1 (347) 374-0902

Rosy@airighttravel.com +1(212)444-9070 x 203

Dovi +1(917)795-6036  dovi@chaikel.com

 World Class Travel - Miri Lavie miri@wct.co.il

Q.  Where can I found out more information or follow all the action?




Q.  Does anyone know if the conference is starting Monday morning or Monday night ? Miles tickets are high for Sunday?

A.  The conference will start at approximately 7:00Am Monday morning for Shacharis. All attendees will be shared exact details of the program after Pesach. We expect that everyone will assemble at a location in Central Jerusalem and from there travel to the first event of the schedule.


Q. Anyone know where we are staying from Monday through Thursday 

A. Monday and Tuesday evening we will be staying a training location outside the major cities. The venue promises to be unique, exciting and memorable filled with fun, action, excitement and lots of learning in an incredible venue. Exact details will be shared with registered members in good standing.

Wednesday night members will be working as local Paramedics and EMT’s in Israel. Members have a choice of either working in Miron in teams together with local MDA crews or on ambulances in major Israeli cities. Members can work on ALS or BLS busses.

Thursday and Friday nights we will all be staying in Yerushalayim at hotels.


Q. What is the plan for Thursday?

A. Thursday morning will be set aside for sleep after a long and busy Wednesday night working with MDA saving lives in Israel. For those interested, Hatzolah and MDA will offer reciprocity training for EMT’s and HEART credentialing for all members, ALS and BLS. Details will be provided to registered members in good standing before the event.

Thursday evening will be our Gala dinner with Awards. Details will be shared closer to the event.


Q. Where are we staying in Yerushalyim and will it be single or double occupancy?

A. Hotels in Israel are a fortune. We have secured rooms in Mamilla and the David Citadel in Yerushalyim for Thursday and Friday nights with the checkout after Shabbos on Motzei Shabbos. Many members have told us they have a place to stay in walking distance to Mamilla (apt, friends, family, own hotel etc) and that is extremely appreciated. All rooms have double occupancy and some are larger rooms with the ability to add a third bed.


Q. Will there be any shiurim during the week?

A. Daf Yomi will be given every morning for those wishing to participate and a shiur will be given by one of our own members every day between mincha and maariv. Special world renowned guest Speakers as well have been arranged for the Shabbos meals.


Q. Will we be visiting any Gedolim during the week?

A. We are working on offering the group the ability to visit R’ Chaim Kanievsky Shlita for a group bracha. Details will be provided as we get closer to the event.


Q. I have family in Israel and would love to visit them, will we be having any downtime?

A. Friday morning after breakfast there will be free time until Toameah at 2pm. This will be a great time to meet up with friends and family.


Q. Can you tell us more about Shabbos?

A. Shabbos promises to be a beautiful and memorable experience filled with Davening together at the Kosel, Achdus, exquisite meals and a wonderful environment with friends, new and old. We will daven and eat together and have a Kiddush immediately after davening that you may invite your friends to.


Q. When is the program fully over?

A. After a memorable Havdalah with dancing the program will be over. We will inform the members how much time they have to check out of the hotel. Motzei Shabbos hotel is not included in the program but may be able to be extended by emailing World Class Travel (details above).


Q. Are there any rules we need to know about before coming?

A. An incredible amount of effort has been put into making this event one that has never happened in the history of the world and will likely never occur again. The organizers in the US and Israel have worked tirelessly to put together a program that money cannot buy. This will not be your typical Wednesday night CME!

  We fully expect any and all members who come to help make it a huge success. Any member who freelances, breaks the rules or disturbs the event will be promptly dismissed from the conference and no refunds will be provided.


Q. I have some ideas of great speakers for the event, who should I send them to?

We will be having experts from a broad spectrum of topics sharing their knowledge with our members. Lectures will be brief, informative, relevant and always exciting and will be in a format that caters to the event venue. If you have suggestions and know they want to come and are prepared to come to lecture at their own cost please send them to info@hatzalahconference.org and we will see if we can fit them into the program.


 Q. How long after I apply will Central send an approval?

A. The approval process factors in many items. There is an algorithm for load balancing attendance thruout the neighborhoods and different world-wide Hatzalah branches. Usually within one week of application if you are approved you will hear from Central in writing.

Q. When I receive my approval email, how long do I have to pay?

A. All approved members have 72 hours to pay for their attendance to assure their position at the conference. If after 72 hours no payment is received we will void your approval and offer the position to another member. You are certainly welcome to reapply at any time after that.